SpinOffice Translation Module


Get started with translating!

Open your SpinOffice Ambassador account and go Translation module in right top corner. The translation module will open in a separate window and looks as follows:


First thing to do is to set first dropdown field to “All” to see all language items, by default the language items used on the main contact card screen of SpinOffice are shown.

All language items are shown in alphabetic order, you can start with translating screen by screen (via first dropdown menu) or from A – Z.

First dropdown on top of the translation module shows you all language items per screen in SpinOffice. The second dropdown gives an overview of all approved and not-approved items. The more you translate, the less not-aproved items you and your fellow ambassadors have left. In right top corner you see the translation progress.

Let’s show you an example:

We will show you how to translate and approve a language item.

Step 1:
Pick an item you want to translate. In this example we use “Gekoppelde dossiers”:

step 1_shadow

Step 2:
Click on the blue arrows on the right to get a Google translate suggestion:

step 2_shadow

Step 3:
Google’s suggestion is shown:

step 3_shadow

Step 4:
Please adjust or give your own translation and click on the checkbox to approve:

step 4_shadow

Your finised:
The checkbox on the right is now checked, the item is approved. Thank you! Go to the next item.

step 5_shadow

Tranlating screens when working with SpinOffice

Within more and more screens throughout the application we allow you to translate items directly. Click on the red Abc icon in top corner and SpinOffice will lead you to the right language id’s.