Mulberry Garden has chosen to use Amazon Web Services as Cloud Infrastructure Provider for SpinOffice CRM

September – Mulberry Garden has chosen to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to host the application servers that are needed to run SpinOffice CRM. All client databases, email messages and files are securely saved and managed on AWS…. Read more

Featured Integration: MailChimp

August – Running a small business often requires tackling multiple tasks at once, and staying on top of everything you need to do (from marketing to order fulfillment) is enough to make any business owner’s head spin. Using a customer relationship management tool is a great way to maintain relevant and personalized interactions with your customers. A CRM lets you to store all your customer data in one place, so you can easily track how these relationships grow and change as your business does. This month, we’re highlighting an integration that sync smoothly with SpinOffice… Read more

New feature: Microsoft Office Templates with Bookmarks

18 April – As a SpinOffice subscriber, you regularly get new and improved features. Take a look below to see what’s available to you today.

In Microsoft Office, a bookmark can be used to point to a location in a document. SpinOffice CRM can use that to jump to a bookmark and to place data from the database there. Read more

Introducing Mulberry Garden, our new company name

January – In 1999, our present CEO, Rudolf Philipse, started Spinware Solutions B.V with the primary objective to offer solid IT solutions for Dutch SMEs and tailor made software applications for both domestic and foreign customers. In addition he developed SpinOffice CRM, a user friendly customer relationship management tool. This software application appeared to meet a great need: collecting and archiving contact information on a simple and efficient way. Over the years, as a result of many user experiences, SpinOfice CRM…. Read more

SpinOffice is compatible for macOS Sierra

3rd October – We just want to inform all our users around the globe that SpinOffice CRM is now compatible for macOS Sierra, version 10.12.

If you use an earlier Mac version, don’t worry! SpinOffice supports older operating system versions, from OS X 10.7 Lion to OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Introducing the world’s fastest and most reliable global messaging API, Messagebird

15th September – To improve marketing and sales alignment, SpinOffice has introduced its new MessageBird integration! The integration features a full two-way communication of SMS messages. Send and receive SMS messages to and from any country in the world. Read more

Now available in the Mac App Store: SpinOffice update including OS X notifications

27th April – We’ve added another great feature to SpinOffice this time; it is now possible to get push notifications for new email messages in the right corner on top of your desktop screen, as you are used from Apple. Notifications are indispensable for Mac applications nowadays. Read more

Now available: SpinOffice agenda sync!

29th March – You asked, we listened. SpinOffice Agenda Sync with iOS Calendar, Mac iCal and Android Agenda app has arrived! Plus, we’ve also added a bunch of new features to our desktop application.

To enable the agenda sync… Read more

CRM trends for 2016

12th January – CRM software has come a long way from its early days as a desktop-based sales tool. And each year, it seems, there’s some hot new flavor of CRM – social CRM, cloud CRM, mobile CRM, vertical CRM – with new vendors and apps constantly entering the market. Read more

Danish language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!!

Dansk sprog er blevet lanceret i SpinOffice CRM!!

16th October – With the help of our Danish friends we were able to achieve, in a short period of time, that SpinOffice is available in Danish too. This makes the application nine-lingual now: English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Romanian. To enable Danish language in your SpinOffice CRM environment… Read more

SpinOffice Reseller

New Italian Authorized SpinOffice Reseller!

8th October – SpinOffice CRM is pleased to announce that Clinica TV di Malin Luca, one of Italy’s premier Connections Wi-Fi – TV Computer Support WiFi dealers, is joining the SpinOffice family.

Since SpinOffice CRM is one of the fastest growing relationship management software tools on the planet with many users worldwide, it is important to……. Read more

App Store

Now available in Mac App Store: The biggest update ever!!

3rd August – Over the past months we have worked extremely hard to develop a new version of SpinOffice, now available in the Mac App Store. This update provides an enormous improvement in the user experience when working with SpinOffice on an iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro. Read more


Here’s Your Brand New Dashboard!

24th April – It’s time to welcome your personal web-based SpinOffice dashboard including online payment option. Manage all your Limited & Pro licenses within your database and handle payments from there. Read more

Payment via PayPal

Payment via PayPal now possible for our Windows users

16th March – Since today it is possible to purchase your Windows SpinOffice Pro licenses directly in SpinOffice and do the payment via PayPal. All you need to do is to make connection with to your PayPal account within SpinOffice and to confirm the purchase. You are able to check out in a few clicks without sharing your financial information. Read more

Mac import image

Mac Address Book contacts import available in latest version

23th January – You asked and we listened. We’ve made it possible to bring in your contacts from Mac Address Book. It’s pretty easy too! Just go to menu item Extra; Import; Contacts; Mac Contacts and select all of them (cmd+A) and SpinOffice will add them to your contact list with contact type ‘Personal contact’. Read more


SpinOffice now also available in Russian language!!

15th December – From today SpinOffice will be available in Russian language. Recently we have launched the Italian and French version too and at the beginning of 2015 we expect to activate many more: Portuguese, Spanish, German, Romanian and Turkish. Read more


Italian language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!!

17th November – From today SpinOffice will be available in Italian language. Earlier this month we have launched the French version too and before the end of this year we expect to activate many more; Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Romanian and Turkish. Read more

SO in App Store

SpinOffice for iPad available in iPad App Store!

9 November – SpinOffice CRM is available on your iPad! Download it now on the iTunes App Store.

The SpinOffice CRM iPad app combines many of the great features you’re familiar with from your desktop version, with the convenience of an iPad, including… Read more


French language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!!

24th October – We have reached another milestone in the history of SpinOffice: we have launched the first foreign language in addition to English and Dutch. This is great news for our French customers and satisfied free user! Read more.


SpinOffice is compatible for Mac OS X 10 Yosemite

We just want to inform all our users around the globe that SpinOffice CRM is now compatible for OS X v10 Yosemite.

If you use an earlier Mac version, don’t worry! SpinOffice supports following older operating system versions: OS X v10.7 Lion, OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X v10.9 Mavericks.


Help us make SpinOffice available in your own language!

Oct 2014 – Before the end of this month SpinOffice will launch a translation module in the application that will allow ‘ambassadors’ to translate all language items into their own mother language. How do you become an Ambassador? By letting us know you’d like to help with this ambitious translation project. In order to make this project an astounding success we need all our happy users all over the world to achieve that! Read more.

CRM for iPad

Coming soon: SpinOffice for iPad

Sept 2014 – It is about to happen. And we’re not just announcing it; we’re shouting it from the roof tops! We officially announce that SpinOffice CRM will release the iPad version for SpinOffice on November 10th in the Apple App Store. The iPad version will be free till the end of 2015 for all registered users. Read more.

9 Ways to Improve Your Company’s CRM System

Aug 2014 – Organizations spend thousands of dollars on customer relationship management (CRM) software. Yet getting a positive return on that investment can take time, especially if your employees are loath to use the system — or are not updating customer-related data regularly.

So what can companies do to get the most out of their CRM system? Nine tips for how to improve CRM. Read more.


Google To Comply with E.U.’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Ruling

Jul 2014 – CEO Larry Page said Google is a big company and it can comply with rulings like the E.U.’s “right to be forgotten” ruling and spend money on them and deal with them. But unlike Google, the burden that the E.U.’s right to be forgotten ruling puts on small businesses and start-ups may be too significant for them to handle. Read more.


Report: CRM Is Going Strong

Jun 2014 – CRM’s growth story isn’t over. “There’s been a big shift into the B2C space, and more companies are looking to do big CRM projects,” observed Gryphon Networks President Jeff Fotta. It has become easier for companies to quantify expected results and to chart the real-world benefits. “That’s why the next wave of this growth will likely come from tools that help CRM be more accurate.” Read more.

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