Local timezone determination

Time Zone World vector illustration

Starting today, at July 23th, at login SpinOffice captures and uses your local computer date and time. It will be used everywhere within the application. When temporarily in a different timezone, date and time will automatically be adjusted to that local time. No action from your side needed!

No more odd European timezone displayed, which could be a reason why you may have dropped out in the past. Always accurate time display in a contact’s archive, your inbox and the calendar.


Oké, so where can I manage my date & time settings now?

In line with the now properly displayed local time in your account, it is possible to set your preferred date and time settings yourself. Go to menu item Administration > CRM preferences in your SpinOffice account and:

– set your preferred date format (default = mm/dd/yyyy)

– set your preferred time format (default = 12-hour AM/PM clock)

– alternative date format is dd/mm/yyyy

– alternative time format is 24-hour clock

– indicate whether you would like to hide the date for today’s date items


All combinations of above mentioned settings are possible!