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15 Dec 2014:
SpinOffice now also available in Russian language!!

17 Nov 2014:
Italian language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!!

10 Nov 2014:
SpinOffice for iPad available in iPad App Store!!

24 Oct 2014:
French language has been launched in SpinOffice!!

24 Oct 2014:
SpinOffice is compatible for Mac OS X 10 Yosemite

22 Oct 2014:
Help us make SpinOffice available in your own language!

19 Sept 2014:
Coming soon: SpinOffice for iPad

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Now available: SpinOffice agenda sync!

29th March – You asked, we listened. SpinOffice Agenda Sync with iOS Calendar, Mac iCal and Android agenda app has arrived! Plus, we’ve also added a bunch of new features to our desktop application.

To enable the agenda sync, go to menu option Administration; Personal settings; Sync configuration. The manual how to configure the sync account is instantly sent to you by mail. All events will sync across all your connected devices.

Here’s all the new stuff we have just included in your SpinOffice account:

• A new modern style pop-ups throughout the application.
• Drag & drop of local files to contacts, emails and folders.
• Embed images into new emails.
• An improved contact / company search box.
• Adding attachments to appointments.
• A range of new recurring appointment options.
• Multiple new recurring appointment options.
• Sending calendar invitations to non-users SpinOffice users.
• Improved handling of Cc / Bcc in creating a new email.
• Custom inbox background color for each database user.
• And more small improvements…

So download the latest version of SpinOffice CRM and see what’s new!

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