Contact Management

1. How do I add a new contact?

You can add individual contacts manually, from .CSV or .XLS file and from your social networks.

An individual contact is added via third toolbar icon ‘Add contact’ or the ‘+’ button above the left contact list. A popup appears where all relevant information can be placed. In the field ‘Contact type’ you are able to indicate which type of contact you would like to add. For instance a company, supplier, personal friend, prospect etc. When finished, click on the save button and your new contact will be added and you will be lead to the contact’s card.

How to import a bulk of contact from file or from social media can be found below.

2. How do I import multiple contacts?

You can import your business and personal contacts from .CSV or .XLS file or fast and easy via your social media channels.

From .CSV or .XLS file:
When you have a file with contact information of your friends and relations, you can import them into SpinOffice as .CSV or .XLS file. Go to menu item Extra > Import > Contacts, select ‘Import from external file’ and than select the data file from your computer. The only thing you have to do then is to make a match between the data in your Excel columns and SpinOffices’ format. We help you per column in this process. This way we make it a simple and convenient step.

Via your social media channels:
And in addition, it is thus possible to import your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections via your own personal login. Click on the button of the social channel you would like to import your contacts from. After that, your login will be requested. After login, you can choose which connection or friend you would like to import individually or you can import them all into SpinOffice. After confirming, SpinOffice will command to run and it is finished!

To have a completely filled database, we advise you to complete all three options!

3. How do I import my contacts from Gmail?

Follow the steps below to have a successful import of your Gmail contacts:

  1. Go to your contact list in Gmail.
  2. Click on the ‘More’ button and than ‘Export’.
  3. Choose export format ‘Google CSV’ and click on ‘Export’.
  4. Your file will be downloaded on your computer. Keep in mind where it is placed.
  5. Open Microsoft Excel en choose a new sheet.
  6. Choose menu item ‘Data’ and select ‘Import external data > text’.
  7. Choose the Gmail .CSV file.
  8. As file type you select ‘Separate’ and click on ‘Next’.
  9. As separator you select ‘Comma’.
  10. Click on ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.
  11. Open the data file in Excel or Numbers.
  12. Remove errors and weird punctuation like these * :::.
  13. Save the file on a place you remember in a minute.
  14. Open your SpinOffice.
  15. Go to Extra > Import > Contacts and choose ‘Import from external file’.
  16. Browse the file on your computer and select it.
  17. SpinOffice will show you what he found as data.
  18. You only have to match your columns with SpinOffice format.
  19. We help you wiith the matching.
  20. To have a successful match; the fields first name, surname and email address have to be filled.

SpinOffice CRM guids you through the matching proces and gives you a signal when you can implement the import. This way we help you, we prevent failures in your data and you keep your database clean and up to date!

4. How do I import my contacts from LinkedIn or Facebook?

Follow the steps below to have a successful import of your social contacts:

  1. Open your SpinOffice.
  2. Go to Extra > Import > Contacts.
  3. Choose ´Import from Facebook´ or ´Import from LinkedIn´.
    • Logged in into SpinOffice with the corresponding social network? You already are connected thus your connection will be shown.
    • Not logged in into SpinOffice with neither one of them or with the other? You will see a login window for that network. Fill in the user name and password you normally use and your connections will be shown.
  4. Click on ‘Import’ to import them all, or select the ones you would like to import.

Do you have both accounts? Than we advise you to fullfil the import of relations of both networks to have a completely filled database!

5. How do I import contacts from Mac Address book?

Contacts contained in your Mac Address Book can easily be imported into SpinOffice CRM. Are you wondering how this is done? Read the steps below, within five minutes you have enriched your contact management database!

1. Export your contacts from your Mac Address Book:

– Open Contacts from your Dock.

– Select all the contacts (Command-A) or groups you wish to export.

– Drag the selection at once to your desktop.

– A vCard file containing all selected contacts is created automatically, which will be used in SpinOffices´ import process.

2. Convert the vCard file into a CSV file:

– Go to the CSV converter tool, which opens in Safari.

– Select the created file on your desktop.

– Choose Format ‘CSV’, ‘Comma’ and check ‘Add header line’.

– Click on the ‘convert’ button and the file will be generated automatically and is stored in your Downloads.

3. Import your contacts into SpinOffice CRM:

– Open SpinOffice CRM.

– Go to menu item Import; Contacts and choose ‘From external file’.

– Click on the ‘Import’ button and select the created CSV file.

– Make a match of the columns from the data file and SpinOffice to complete the import!

6. How do I delete or merge contacts?

In the right top menu item Extra you find the two items: Merge contacts and Delete contacts.

Merge contacts
First go to the contact card of the relation you would like to merge. Then click on menu item Merge contacts under Extra and search the second contact to merge with. All information will be merged and added to one card.

Delete contacts
First select the contact you would like to delete. Then click on the menu item Delete contacts under Extra. This contact can be deleted or contacts with a specific contact type.

7. How do I adjust a contacts’ details?

Go to the contact you want to edit and use the right click (two fingers trackpad click) to open the card and to edit all fields. When done use the right mose click again to lock and to save the changes.

8. How do I filter contacts?

The filter option allow you to get an overview of contacts that meet a certain search criteria. For example, to get insight in all your hot prospects or customers that are located in the same country. Or to send group mailings to all your former customers. The ability to make filters is a super powerful feature in SpinOffice! In brief, we will explain how it works.

1. First you have to select a field to filter on
Go to the field on the contact card on which the filter should be performed.

2. To filter, use the right mouse click
(or two finger tab trackpad click) and choose ‘Filter on selected’. All contacts that meet the same criteria will be filtered.

With ‘Filter excluding selected’ you will have the opposite result, all non-matching contacts will be shown. Choose ‘Filter on’ to enter a custom filter criteria.

3. Your filter results will be displayed
All matching contacts will be displayed in the left column of SpinOffice screen. All fields on the contact card are filterable. Commonly used filter criteria are: contact type, account manager, country and customer.

The filter function can also be applied to keywords that are mentioned under tab item ‘Keywords’.

4. Sent a group mailing to your filtered contacts
When you easily manage to use filters, it is a snap to send a targeted mass mailing! First you have to create a new email template via menu item Extra > Administration > E-mail templates. When finished, create a filter group according to the above steps and select the mail template you’ve just created.

SpinOffice automatically starts generating all emails and will place all individual messages in your inbox draft folder, ready to be sent! Before sending, check if salutation is set correctly. If so, press the right mouse click (or two finger tab trackpad click) and choose ‘Send all’ to complete!

Watch our tutorial in which we show how to create and use filters!