CRM for Mac

Looking for a CRM application for your iMac or MacBook? SpinOffice is the perfect Mac CRM solution! We offer a very complete and extensive, cloud based relationship management software application which includes modules for marketing, project management, document management, time tracking and more. With its user friendly interface, SpinOffice is the perfect CRM application for your Mac!

CRM voor Mac

SpinOffice CRM for Mac is available for any Mac with OS X 10.7 Lion and later. On all Mac types, the interfase is displayed correctly. Lately we have enhanced and optimized the layout of the main contact screen for 13-inch Mac users. For all Mac usability tools in SpinOffice, check here!

View the latest SpinOffice Mac CRM application screenshots used in the Mac App Store:

SpinOffice Contact card SpinOffice Inbox
SpinOffice Archive SpinOffice Agenda

Sync your mobile devices (Apple & Android)

You are be able to sync your mail, contacts and agenda in SpinOffice with your iPhone and iPad and Mac Mail, iCal calendar and Address Book. This way all your agenda items, contacts and emails are saved online and synced automatically, you’ll have access to your data from everywhere. This makes SpinOffice CRM the ideal Mac CRM.


SpinOffice for iOS

SpinOffice CRM has released a mobile version of SpinOffice CRM for iOS (iPhone/iPad) which is available in the Apple App Store. The mobile iOS version is free to use for all registered users.

We’re convinced that the mobile version of SpinOffice CRM will help you during your everyday work at the office, while having an appointment, or when you are relaxing at home on the couch.

Run your business on the go as you can access and manage your data anytime from your iPhone/iPad when ever you are connected to the internet. Be armed with your customer details and update them on the fly. Read more here.



Getting started with SpinOffice CRM

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