Email integration

In order to import your previous communication and to build up your database it is essential that you have configured your email. Go to the inbox and provide SpinOffice the correct POP/IMAP settings of your email account. Multiple accounts can be added.

Email in SpinOffice is in sync when IMAP is set as incoming email server for the configured email account. Many email clients like Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, AOL mail,, Office365, Yahoo, Strato, etc., do support IMAP. Both the incoming and send items are synced with SpinOffice and the primary client.


All email messages will be displayed in your inbox. Incoming messages that are recognized will automatically be linked to a corresponding contact. If the recipient is unknown you can add the contact to your database as new or link it to an existing contact.

SpinOffice will help you via a wizard in the inbox where you can enter the proper account credentials and incoming mail server settings (POP/IMAP) from the mail account(s). In the free Limited edition we only synchronize the last 30 days of your inbox, sent items and your trash folder. In the Pro edition all email history is being fetched.


Incoming and outgoing messages

Both receiving and sending email is fully integrated. Would you like to sent an email message to your relation directly from SpinOffice? Of course this is possible. The message is automatically stored at your relation in SpinOffice so you can find it later.

Every email that is sent to you is automatically saved at the contact card of the sender. So all correspondence, also between a contact and your colleagues, is stored and retrievable at corresponding contacts’ archive. Thus you are always informed with all former communication.


Sending mass mailings

In SpinOffice sending mass mailings to filtered groups is very easy. Create an email template for the mailing, filter contacts based on desired criteria (for instance contact type, customer type, country, date, gender) and your mass mailing is ready to sent! SpinOffice reports the number of recipients. Check following tutorial to see how SpinOffice handles mass mailings.


Internal messages

Would you like to pass a colleague that someone called or do you want inform your colleague that you have made an appointment with a customer for him or her? SpinOffice has the ability to send internal email messages to your colleagues. These messages are stored in your contact card so you can easily find it later. You can also see if the message has been read and whether it has been completed (for example, that your colleague has called back the customer). The use of the famous yellow stickers is history! SpinOffice changes the stacks of unordered messages that go from desk to desk in simple structured messages that are always retrievable.


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