Project folder management

At the start of a new project, several other contacts are usually involved. Therefore it is convenient if communication of all participants can be bundled. This is possible in SpinOffice! A new folder can be created and linked to relations in your database. All communication (emails, tasks, notes, call reports, attachments, documents) from all linked relations regardig this project will be bundled in this project folder. Once the project is finished, you are able to mark the folder as finished/closed. It remains preserved and accessible of course in the archive and the folder list.

All folders are retrievable in your folder list. The list give a clear overview of all folders created, both current and closed folders. Also you will directly see for each folder, what the last date of action has been or will be.


Folder sharing

It is important that all stakeholders are constantly aware of the state of affairs. If you run a project with others, tasks will be divided so it is important that you are aware of each others actions. All participants involved in a project, even though they do not use SpinOffice, can get access to all the information. SpinOffice provides this opportunity to share folders with non-SpinOffice users! Read more about the possibility to share files and folders.



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