Social media integration

SpinOffice CRM offers integration with social media platform Facebook. The combination of a Customer Relationship Management system and social media is called social CRM. The implementation of social media in CRM allows you as a user to get to know your customers better, to interact better and quicker and to get more details about prospects. Now, what does SpinOffice specifically offer in the application?


Login with Facebook

Users are able to login on SpinOffice CRM with their own Facebook account. Huge advantage is that you don´t have another password you have to remember, you just click on the ‘sign in with Facebook’ button on the introduction screen of SpinOffice. Next time you open SpinOffice, the application will login automatically!


Login with LinkedIn

Besides login with Facebook, new and existing users can login with their LinkedIn account. The main advantage is no extra password to rememeber and a fast login. Once a visitor gives LinkedIn permisson to connect to SpinOffice, next time the application will login automatically without a password!

Unfortunately, import of LinkedIn connections is not possbile anymore for partnership integrations since Februari 21, 2015.



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