Task management

A proper task management component is essential in CRM. SpinOffice provides a simple and clear way of creating and managing tasks. Set reminders and prioritize tasks, link them to contacts, folders, activities and other database users. Even attachments can be added. Create task

When a task has been saved, it will appear in the ‘Task list’ and also in the contacts’ archive. In this archive, finished tasks are shown with a green checkmark. High priority tasks are shown red. All tasks, finished and outstanding, will remain visible at individual archive level. They are all stored in the contacts’ archive. Manage all your taks via the ‘Task list’ which can also be printed. When using SpinOffice with multiple database users, also team members tasks are visible.


Tasks and Real-time alerts

SpinOffice provides a simple way of creating and managing tasks or todo’s. Tasks can be linked to a folder, another team member, an activity, but also priority and real-time alerts or expiration date can be set. All tasks from you and other team members are mentioned in the task list overview. All tasks, even finished, are also stored in the contact’s archive.



Getting started with SpinOffice CRM

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