SpinOffice – The CRM application for Mac

CRM for Mac

Checka central spot for mail, contacts, activities, documents & files
Checkthe perfect team solution for any small business
Checksync with mobile your Apple devices (mail, contacts & calender)
Checkall data stored encrypted in a hosted cloud
Checksmart software that will save you time
Checkintegration with Mac Contacts, MailChimp & MessageBird
Checkavailable for Mac & Windows PC

Get Started

1. Download and open SpinOffice CRM on your desktop.

2. Register for free without any obligation.

3. Configure your mail account(s) to get all communication with your business relations in SpinOffice.

4. Import existing contacts from Excel contact file and Apple Contacts.

5. Invite colleagues to share all information and events in the database.

Upgrade to Pro in the desktop application or in your dashboard for unlimited encrypted data storage, support and more functionalities.


CRM for Mac CRM for PC