Various App Store reviews

Here are some reviews from satisfied users in various languages!

“C’est une application idéale pour les petits entrepreneurs. Le lien entre e-mail et la relation avec des dossiers et des fichiers dans une archive centrale c’est vraiment magnifique!”

(This is an ideal application for small entrepreneurs. The connection between email and related folders and files in a central archive is really beautiful!)

“Un software CRM non dovrebbe mancare in nessuna azienda moderna. Oggigiorno risulta fondamentale relazionarsi in modo preciso e appropriato con tutti i clienti e potenziali tali. Con questo completo ma semplice software è possibile avere rapidamente sotto controllo tutte le attività svolte con ogni singolo contatto (appuntamenti, mail, attività, telefonate, ecc..). Ottimo servizio clienti, sempre disponibile e puntuale. A breve, mi hanno assicurato, sarà disponibile anche la versione tradotta in lingua italiana.”

(A CRM software should not be missing in any modern company. Nowadays it is essential to relate accurately and appropriately with all customers and potential such. With this comprehensive yet simple software you can quickly have all your activities under control with each contact (appointments, emails, tasks, phone calls, etc ..). Great customer service, always available and accurate. In short, they assured me, it will be also available translated into Italian.)  

“This package is very easy to navigate, update and use. It has all the components needed, more than we need, but effective and efficient. The support is fantastic and very helpful. Overall, an excellent package and have no hesitation in recommending this system.”

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