Wellguard Risk Planning

“Contributes to our own value creation”

“SpinOffice CRM offers us the possibility to control all our primairy activities of Wellguard Risk Planning from within one system and helps us to monitor particular processes. In these activities most of the time relationships, e-mail conversations and in appointments are involved. All activities are linked together in our CRM system.

All data from our relationships involved in our organization are in one central system. In addition, individual relationships can be marked and filtered based on keywords / tags which allows us to make highly specific selections.

An important part of the value creation within Wellguard Risk Planning is, without you even noticing, taking place in SpinOffice.”

Wellguard provides independent and objective risk management advice. The independence of Wellguard gives access to a network of professionals that are normally not available for its clients if they follow the beaten paths.

Robin Dennie

Financial advisor at Wellguard Risk Planning

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