All-In-One CRM solution

Are you looking for a user-friendly CRM solution for your organization? With SpinOffice CRM you create a central customer database for you and your colleagues. All information of your business contacts are stored in one place, including your emails, appointments, tasks, projects and files, notes, documents and files.

Whatever you are working on, no matter how big or small the task may be, SpinOffice makes it super easy to get stuff done. And best of all, you share all information in the database with your colleagues. That makes SpinOffice CRM the ultimate team solution for any small and medium-size business.


Features to improve your customer contact

Contact card
Manage all your business contacts

Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and customers into one central place. Organize notes, emails, files, and more by relationships’ personal archive to keep information at your fingertips and track customer interactions.

Full integration of your email

Your mail is fully integrated in our CRM solution, all sent and received items are automatically linked to contacts. Use templates to work even more efficiently. The inbox will really help you with working more efficiently!

Gather all tasks in one place

In the task scrum board all your tasks are visually clearly displayed. Drag tasks from column to adjust the status of a task. It is very clear which tasks have already been completed and what you still have to do. All your colleagues have access to your dashboard and thus also insight into the status of any task.

A shared office calendar

Share your agenda in SpinOffice with any desired colleague. Appointments can be linked to relationships, colleagues, activities, projects or files. Mark appointments as private for others, synchronize your calendar with your mobile devices.

Tasks dashboard

Get started with the free version

Start with the free version with unlimited number of users, all functionalities that you expect from a CRM solution but with limited data storage. The full Pro version contains unlimited data storage, many smart functionalities and useful integrations that will save you time.

Additional features, essential within a CRM solution

Collaborate with your team

All data created or updated by one user is visible for all others within the same shared database with the proper user rights. Your team will really reap the benefits.

Sync with your mobile devices

Run your business on the go as you can access and manage your data anytime from your laptop and mobile device whenever you are connected to the Internet. All email, contacts and the calendar is in sync with your Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android device.

Highly secure storage of all data

All data stored in SpinOffice CRM is saved encrypted on highly secure servers in Europe and only you will get the key. We do not share any information with third parties.

What our customers say…

When I began shopping for a CRM solution, simplicity and stability were the most important factors for me. Too many CRMs have far too many bells and whistles, most of which go unused once the program is set up and running. SpinOffice is simple, yet robust, and I have had exactly ZERO hours of downtime since I began using the product. Customer support is second to none, and the company is always probing for ways to improve functionality while still maintaining the elegance and simplicity that I find so appealing.

Mike Nonelle

V.P. & Senior Franchise Consultant, The YOU Network

We needed a CRM solution that would help us quickly locate a history of all correspondence with customers, suppliers and prospects and SpinOffice is perfect. After 2 years we are still finding new ways to make our processes more efficient using the capabilities of SpinOffice. We are a small office with 3 users and it works well for us that all have visibility into all inbound messages so that we can cover each other and nothing slips through the cracks. We couldn’t be further away physically or in time zones but we have had almost non-stop availability and very responsive support when we have questions. SpinOffice has become a very valuable asset and tool in our relationship management.

Trevor Jones

Owner, Northern Pallets and Crates

When starting our company, we were looking for a simple CRM solution which could meet our needs for planning teacher’s timetables and ensuring this was linked to every student and contact that we have. SpinOffice meets and surpasses our needs with its simplicity and the ability to connect anywhere, at any time and ensure that everything is organised, even before you get into the office. The customer support is second to none and are always available to help with any doubts or queries you have. Another main advantage for us is the ability to send mass emails to certain groups, to ensure all our students are always up-to-date with every activity we are doing.

Josh Smith

Owner, The Abbey Languages

Get started right away!

Go through the steps

1. Register for free

Register without any obligation.

Try SpinOffice with limited storage and with all basic features.

No credit card required.

2. Download & log in

Download the software on your computer (Mac or Windows PC) and log in to your account.

Invite your colleagues and work together in the same database.

3. Fill the database

Configure your email by entering the incoming mail server data (IMAP). This way you will have your existing correspondence in SpinOffice.

Import contacts. Fill the database with contacts from Excel contact file, Outlook 365, Mac Contacts and Mailchimp.

Invite your colleagues to share all information and appointments.

Import documents & files from your computer and save them with your contacts or in folders.

4. Upgrade to Pro

Purchase Pro licenses for all database users for only $ 27.50 per user per month in order to get unlimited usage (unlimited data storage and all functionalities).

Do you have any questions or comments about our CRM solution? Visit our support center where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and tutorials in addition to the user manual that helps you to set up CRM database solution. Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us via telephone, chat or email.