We want to help people feel comfortable storing their data in SpinOffice, and that includes offering the option to export the stored data to another location. Just for once when you are on the move or as a backup, SpinOffice will soon allow you to export a complete folder directly to your Dropbox account.

What’s the idea?
Thanks to our Dropbox integration, you will be able to export any folder in SpinOffice including email communication, attachments, documents and files, activities and more directly to your Dropbox account. This will help to save a lot of your time and allow to save your data anywhere you want.

Connect your Dropbox account once and then you are able to export any folder in SpinOffice in a snap.

Available for free?
Yes, the integration will be available for free to all our Limited users. That will make you happy, right! For Pro users it will be available for an additional fee.

When will it be launched?
We expect this great integration to be available to you in 3 weeks. Of course we will inform you in advance.