New in SpinOffice: using tags

New in SpinOffice: using tags

It is now possible to work with tags in your CRM. Tags are the successor to the current keyword functions. Using tags is simple, fast and very intuitive in the new version of SpinOffice.

What can you do with tags?

Decide in advance which tags you want to use for your contacts. For example, make a distinction between certain products or services, categories, a certain status or customer characteristics. After that, give each contact in your CRM the correct tag(s). This way you can search, categorize and filter your contacts even more efficiently than before!

How do you tag your contacts?

When adding or editing a contact in SpinOffice, you have the tags as tab on the left side of the Add / Edit contact screen. Add new or predefined tags for this particular contact here.

It is also possible to add tags directly from your new Contact list screen. Here’s the steps:

  1. In SpinOffice, go to the Contact List screen.
  2. Find the desired contact for which you want to add tags.
  3. You will find the tags option under the CONTACT DETAILS widget on the right.
  4. Adding tags

  5. Add tags as you want by entering them manually.
  6. All added tags are shown immediately.

Go through your contacts to add tags for them. You have an unlimited number of tags at your disposal. Soon it will be possible to do a mass relationship adjustment and to give a group of contacts one or more tags.

Manage all tags

Do you want to make predefined tags? That is possible! Go to main menu option Administration -> Tags. Here you can add and remove an unlimited number of tags.
Manage tags

All tags that you manually used for contacts are also shown in this screen.

Searching contacts based on tags

Searching by tags is very easy! Start the search with a hashtag ‘#’ and then enter the tag. As an example, #xelion lists all relations that have the ‘Xelion’ tag.

Filtering contacts based on tags

This is also very simple. Go to a contact that has the tag you want to filter on and click on the ‘tag’ icon next to the displayed tag and choose Apply filter.

Remove tags

Of course you can easily remove the tag from an individual contact by clicking on the ‘tag’ icon next to the displayed tag and choosing Delete. Do you want to delete an entire tag? Go to menu option Administration -> Tags and remove the tag. The tag will be removed from any contact in your database.

More options coming soon…

To give you even more tools when working with tags, we will be adding some extra options soon. For example, the tags are added to the bulk contact change function, there will be the possibility to create tag groups and it will be possible to create distinctive colors for each tag group.


Improve your customer data by using tags. Log in to SpinOffice database now and get started!!