New feature: Microsoft Office Templates with Bookmarks

New feature: Microsoft Office Templates with Bookmarks

As a SpinOffice subscriber, you regularly get new and improved features. Take a look below to see what’s available to you today.

In Microsoft Office, a bookmark can be used to point to a location in a document. SpinOffice CRM can use that to jump to a bookmark and to place data from the database there.

Use, Edit & Import document templates

MS Office CRMIn the free limited version of SpinOffice, two document templates are now added to the database allowing you to see how SpinOffice can fill a Microsoft Word or Excel template with text fields from SpinOffice. In the Pro version there’s the possibility to edit, create and import new templates.

Use templates to streamline your sales process by having your own quotation or registration document templates that can be sent out in a snap. Create and open the template from SpinOffice, edit it in MS Office, save back in SpinOffice and send it as PDF file attached to the email to the prospect. It has never been easier!

Visit our support center for more information how to work with document templates and download the latest software version for Mac and Windows PC to use this new feature.

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