Special offer

special deal

Get a fresh start by choosing SpinOffice CRM as your new customer relationship management tool, and we’ll give you something extra to start the season off right. This month, we’re offering 6 free months of SpinOffice Pro usage for each annual plan purchase ($330 per user license).

Here’s all the extra stuff you’ll get in your SpinOffice Pro account:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Extra security:
  • Daily backups
    Rolls & rights per user
    Data encryption
    Two-factor authentication

  • Full email integration
  • Unlimited merge-templates
  • All in Limited-edition
  • Extra Pro-features
    (mass mailings, scheduling text messages, export folders, time registration)

Save $165 with our 6 months free Pro usage offer. To order, simply upgrade your free license for a year in your personal dashboard and pay via PayPal, Creditcard or bank transfer.