In 1999, our present CEO, Rudolf Philipse, started Spinware Solutions B.V with the primary objective to offer solid IT solutions for Dutch SMEs and tailor made software applications for both domestic and foreign customers. In addition he developed SpinOffice CRM, a user friendly customer relationship management tool. This software application appeared to meet a great need: collecting and archiving contact information on a simple and efficient way. Over the years, as a result of many user experiences, SpinOfice CRM has become a mature and solid product.

Now the time has come to detach SpinOffice CRM from Spinware Solutions and to survive as independent organization in the world of software developers. We came up with company name Mulberry Garden, with SpinOffice CRM as one of the main products. Besides SpinOffice CRM, Mulberry Garden will focus on developing and hosting custom made software applications for Apple (iOS & OS X) and Windows platform.

Mulberries are fast-growing, strong flowering plants, growing wild and under cultivation in many temperate world regions. Within our ‘garden’, there is plenty of room for planting new trees; developing new, innovative ideas for and with our customers.

Although the company name has changed, all aspects of your service and account remain the same.

How does the change affect me?

You’ll start to see the new company name and logo on your bill, on our website and in other places. Your service and account will not change. Please continue to pay your bill in the same manner.

Does it affect my data that’s stored by SpinOffice?

No, absolutely not. We never share any information with third parties.

We can imagine that you have questions about this significant change, please contact us if there is any unclarity or if you have any questions.