A CRM that really saves you time

Improve your customer contact with SpinOffice CRM

Managing your business contacts has never been so easy. Discover how your business can grow with SpinOffice CRM. Learn more? Sign up for a free account and get started!

SpinOffice family

Improve your customer contact with SpinOffice CRM

Managing your business contacts has never been so easy. Discover how your business can grow with SpinOffice CRM. Learn more? Sign up for a free account and get started!

Customer management

A central database for your business relations, email management, appointments, tasks, notes and conversation reports, projects, files, documents and files.


Use templates (mail & documents) for optimal communication, segment relationships (contacts types & tags) and build your own personalized CRM database.


Save time and increase productivity within your organization by sharing information and collaborating as a team in a shared customer database.

A complete CRM solution for SMBs.

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With SpinOffice, you create a central spot for your mail, business contacts, appointments, tasks, projects, folders, documents, files and notes. Best of all, you share all information in the database with your colleagues, which makes SpinOffice the ultimate team application for any small to medium sized business.

Start with the free version with limited data storage and all the functionalities you expect from a CRM system. The Pro version contains many useful extra features and integration that will save you even more time.

SpinOffice is available for your computer (Windows & Mac) and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

SpinOffice family

Try SpinOffice CRM without any obligation

Start with the free version with unlimited number of users, all the features you expect from a CRM, but with limited data storage. The full Pro version includes unlimited storage of your data, many smart features and useful integrations that will save you time.

SpinOffice CRM is available for web, Windows PC, macOS and mobile (iOS & Android).

All-in-One CRM software

Manage all your business contacts

Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and customers into one central place. Organize notes, emails, files, and more in your relationships’ personal archive to keep information at your fingertips and track customer interactions.

Gather all tasks in one place

Task- and time management is essential nowadays, and SpinOffice helps you get stuff done. Manage all your tasks from here. Create custom task lists, use filters and set reminders. Never miss an important lead or action!

Sync with your mobile devices

Run your business on the go since you can access and manage your data anytime/anyplace from your laptop and mobile device whenever you are connected to the Internet. All email, contacts and the calendar is in sync with your Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android device.

Full integration of your email

SpinOffice CRM is unique in the way it handles email. Your mail is fully integrated, all sent and received items are automatically linked to contacts. Our powerful inbox will really help you work more efficiently!

Document Management

Add personalized document templates that are automatically filled with contact information from SpinOffice. Import existing documents, edit, convert to PDF, and send them directly from the application to your customer.

Highly secure storage of all data

All data stored in SpinOffice CRM is saved encrypted on highly secure servers in Europe and only you will get the key. We do not share any information with third parties.

A shared office calendar

One central calendar, accessible to every team member. All appointments can be linked to any contact, colleague or folder in the database. Never miss an appointment or invitation, and sync with your mobile devices.

Use Folders to Manage Projects

Make it extremely easy to retrieve information by creating folders for your contacts. Create a folder structure for an individual contact or a group of contacts. All types of files can be dragged/added to any folder or sub folder.

Collaborate with your team

All data created or updated by one user is visible for all others within the same shared database with the proper user rights. Your team will really reap the benefits.

And smart integrations with…

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I continually use CRM technology in my PR consultancy to track conversations with reporters. When my desktop system because unwieldy and outdated, I knew it was time to find a cloud-based CRM system that could adapt to my needs, but finding a system flexible enough to adapt to my call…

For many years, I was searching for a suitable CRM system for our training agency. Main requirements for us were archiving communication with our coaches, participants, new signups, etc. Since we started using SpinOffice we never want anything else. The support I was given and still receive from the SpinOffice…

Smart Skills International Smart Skills International

We are a government funded training provider and needed a CRM that was customisable and could effectively manage customer and supplier relationships. SpinOffice gives us a platform to do that, including taking referrals quickly, sending reminders to delegates by text and email as well as by post using the letter…

Nick Vause Operations Manager Reform Training and Skills

I have been working as an independent entrepreneur with SpinOffice since 2013 and I am very satisfied with the package, especially because I have all the communication with my customer together along with their financial details. Do I need something from 5 years ago? I can find it in a…

Financial Wise

SpinOffice is a clear, easy to understand CRM system that contains many user options. By using SpinOffice we have a much better overview of our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. In addition, it keeps track of our internal and external communication in a way we appreciate it. Accessibility to multiple…

Skills for Kids

Good! is a key player in the sustainable (energy) landscape. We contribute to sustainability of The Netherlands by being the platform for the sustainable industry and to be the transfer of knowledge and skills to professionals. Within SpinOffice, the ability to find any email or appointment among 34,000 relationships within…

Peter Groot CEO/Founder Good!

For KRAMER ARTISTS, SpinOffice is the perfect tool to manage a large number of project-related conversations. We rapidly discovered whether our customer data is legitimate, and which projects have been worked on together. In addition, being able to write personalized, pre-written emails saved a lot of time! It is a…

We needed a CRM that would help us quickly locate a history of all correspondence with customers, suppliers and prospects and SpinOffice is perfect. After 2 years we are still finding new ways to make our processes more efficient using the capabilities of SpinOffice. We are a small office with…

We use SpinOffice since 2015 for our real estate business. We have over 35,000 clients in the database therefor we really need a reliable and solid solution. And despite the large number of relationships it’s easy to set it all up and to manage them in SpinOffice. And really, their…

When I began shopping for a CRM, simplicity and stability were the most important factors for me. Too many CRMs have far too many bells and whistles, most of which go unused once the program is set up and running. SpinOffice is simple, yet robust, and I have had exactly…

Mike Nonelle V.P. & Senior Franchise Consultant The YOU Network

Easy invoicing, delivery notes, loading orders and price agreements; SpinOffice is able to process these daily processes quickly and easily. Over the years we have had a lot of customization automated and developed, where all data is stored in SpinOffice. As a result our logistics process has improved enormously and…

LS Pallet Group

In the past I worked at another company with SpinOffice as CRM to everyone’s satisfaction. So, it was a logical choice to implement the software at my own company as well. SpinOffice is much more than a rolodox card catalog full of contact cards, keywords and all communication. The application…

Coolen Interim Support Coolen Interim Support

All data of our customers, suppliers and other contacts at hand and clearly displayed on one page. The input fields can be customized at your own discretion, that makes the system adaptive for any industry. It has a smooth integration with our mail traffic, the agenda and projects. Contracts, photos…

Parking Caravan Costa Brava

SpinOffice meets the needs of this time. We use SpinOffice CRM for several years now. Initially we used it to organize and archive communication with our business contacts, but now SpinOffice CRM has become a serious software application that offers us many opportunities. With more than 9 employees we use…


Customer care is not a department but a way of doing business. From day one, SpinOffice CRM is an indispensable product in the continuity of our customer service. It is the perfect solution where part-timers and full-timers work together in the same customer base without having information transferred every day.…

Sentix HSE Services

It’s a must for any business! One of our Office Managers was familiar with CRM from her previous job. She convinced the management team to work with a solid hosted CRM application, so we started with SpinOffice in 2003. We were able to connect the CRM application, with MS Office…

A clear overview of our client data. SpinOffice CRM is an ideal solution for our company because it automatically organizes all our e-mail and client files. And besides that, the application works fast and very easy. Every employee now has good overview of our client data. A big difference with…

Charter Real Estate is the initiator and manager of investment funds that invest in the development of residential real estate in the Netherlands and Sweden. For us, SpinOffice has become crucial in our company. It contains both the CRM part and our email client, and therefor it hosts our complete…

Charter Real Estate

SpinOffice CRM has simplified our relationship management. Since 2008, we use SpinOffice with much pleasure. It has simplified our relationship management. No we have a better insight of all our business relationships, internal and external communication, agreements that are made, scanned contracts, relations of our clients, standard documents and email…

A CRM software should not be missing in any modern company. Nowadays it is essential to connect with all your customers and potential clients accurately and appropriately. With this comprehensive yet simple software you can quickly have all your activities under control with each contact (appointments, emails, tasks, phone calls,…

We enjoy using SpinOffice since we are a growing company with many new customers and prospects, so a central spot to manage this is truly a must. SpinOffice is ideal for this, it helps us to store neatly all information; quotations, contracts, images etc.. The integration with our Google mail…

Madicine Media

Different roles per user, truly ideal. DOK H2O is a place where people come together for celebrations, meetings, theater and more. It is a cultural haven in Deventer. SpinOffice CRM helps us immensely in planning our events, the staff, restaurant and the theater cafe. We work with different departments and…


A perfect integration with my email client. We work with SpinOffice CRM on a daily base since 2013. We experience the application as very user friendly and easy in use. It provides proper insight into our client’s files. Additionally, it provides a perfect integration with my email and the most…

New Finance

Easy to keep track of our annual donations. SpinOffice CRM helps us tremendously in maintaining our international contacts. Especially the integration with our email and the registration of the donations are very valuable to us. Livada Foundation helps children in Romania to lay a foundation for a better future for…

Julie Dahmen Board member Livada Foundation

Top quality catering required to be well organized. We love running a business where customers expect more than 100% commitment. Our team is focused on making each event the best event we ever did, but this only works when you have a super software application that organizes your communication. Every…

All our customer data is saved in one central place. SpinOffice offers us the possibility to control all our primary activities. The fact that email conversations, appointments and documents are visible for each user is very helpful to us. In addition, individual relationships can be marked and filtered based on…

SpinOffice is a perfect solution also for single usage: it’s easy to work, user-friendly and it’s brilliant in the way it processes documents and files.

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Customers give SpinOffice an overall rating of 4.7 stars
Source: capterra.com

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Discover how your business can grow with SpinOffice CRM

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