Cloud Hosted

Cloud Hosted CRM

When making the decision for a cloud hosted CRM solution, you actually make the choice to outsource your IT and use the software as a service rather than buying it as a product. A hosted solution is optimized specifically for small and medium size businesses. But what are the main benefits of a cloud Hosted CRM application such as SpinOffice compared to an on-premise CRM?

  • Better accessible from remote locations.
  • Fast set-up: you can be up and running within a minute.
  • Very easy in use: little technical expertise required.
  • Frequent updates: software updates can be executed.
  • Third party service provider: supervise installation and testing.
  • Flexible & scalable: number of database users can be adjusted at any time.
  • Energy-efficient method of storing data: storing on external sever uses less energy than on a private one.
  • Cost-effective: a cloud based CRM is always charged per user. This makes it interesting for businesses with limited budget.

Essentially it enables you as entrepreneur to focus your energy on growing your business instead of managing and maintaining computer software. Our cloud based CRM solution fulfills this role. You don’t have to worry about the security of your stored data. All data, files and messages, are stored on our secured servers located in Europe. Only the application itself will be installed on the local disk of your workstation.