Why SpinOffice?

Why SpinOffice?

With SpinOffice CRM within your organization you have the perfect combination of contact management, with integration of your business email and documents. Use the software for your daily activities, and it will definitely leads to optimal service towards your customers and prospects.

We are specialized in developing software and custom applications for more than 21 years. Every day people over the world like you download our software and join the group of happy users who value CRM like you do. We are here to stay and you may expect a lot of great tools from us in the years to come.

Curious why entrepreneurs choose SpinOffice?

  • All customer-related information in one central database.
  • Accessible for you and your colleagues anytime and anywhere.
  • Integration of your email, calendar, tasks, documents and files.
  • Auto-link of messages to contacts.
  • Mobile synchronization of mail, contacts & calendar.
  • All data stored encrypted in a hosted cloud.
  • Integration with e.g. MS Office, Office 365, WhatsApp Business, MessageBird.
  • Available app for Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Discover what SpinOffice CRM can do for your business.

Try the free version of SpinOffice CRM without any obligation and without implementation costs. Sign up for a free account and invite your colleagues to participate. We are here to help you set up your database.

Use SpinOffice to get the big picture

SpinOffice CRM is really unique in the way it links relationship management with your emails, documents and files. All incoming emails are automatically linked to contacts, you can link messages directly to others, to files or link to a task. Your company will be able to serve its customers better than ever before. Invite your colleagues to experience the benefits together.

Use your personal login details to access the encrypted database on your desktop and mobile devices. Thanks to SpinOffice’s Sync, your data stay up to date, no matter where you are or what mobile device you’re using.

By the way, all your data is stored encrypted and only available for you and your team. We ask for an annual fee per user regardless on how many PCs, Macs or mobile devices you have installed the software.