How to Get Started?

Your Four-Step Checklist

1. Sign up for free

Register without any obligation.

You have direct access to the basic features of SpinOffice CRM as your email, calendar, business contacts and tasks.

The free version is limited in data storage, among other things.

2. Earn 30% discount

Complete at least two configuration steps (configure your email, import contacts or calendar, or invite any team member) within 3 days to receive 30% discount on your Pro license(s).

Check out the details!

3. Download the software

For optimal use of all features, download the software on your PC or Mac and use your personal credentials to log in to your account.

Get the app for iOS and Android for your mobile devices too.

4. Schedule a Product Demo

During the personal tour we answer questions that you and your colleagues might have regarding any of the features of the software and we help you with setting up the account.

Schedule your demo here!

Upgrade to Pro

Once you are completely up and running, feel free to upgrade. The Pro version offers unlimited data storage, additional security options, full email integration, additional features and support. Check out the edition comparison for the differences between the free version and Pro.

Upgrade your license(s) to Pro in the license dashboard.