CRM training

To assure a successful implementation of a new CRM system it is essential that all users are informed about the functionalities of the CRM software through the CRM training. Without any CRM training, new software can become an obstacle which can decrease the productivity and even lead to frustration between you and your colleagues.

We provide various CRM training for your employees. Think hereby of the ‘startup training’, user training, CRM training for application administrators. And we also offer the possibility to train a number of your employees to develop into a trainer (‘Train the CRM trainer’) so that you can provide CRM training to the users yourself.

Training for you and your colleagues will pay off fast and assure a greater success of the project. We experience that customers who have had a CRM training from us had achieved a significantly higher user acceptance.

Once every quarter of a year SpinOffice CRM organizes a CRM user training based on open registration. Throughout the CRM course, there will be topics covered which will help you to use SpinOffice CRM more efficiently.

You have the choice of the following trainings:

  1. ‘Startup-training’ (support with the CRM implementation)
  2. CRM user training (open registration, once every quarter of a year)
  3. CRM user training for your company (at least 3 attendees)
  4. CRM training for users with administrator rights (learn all administrators options and rights)
  5. ‘Train the CRM trainer’ training (become the CRM trainer within your company)

The above CRM trainings are all paid trainings.

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