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SpinOffice CRM includes a powerful integration with WhatsApp Business via MessageBird. Using the WhatsApp API, you are able to start a WhatsApp conversation straight form your CRM. And your customers can send WhatsApp messages directly to your inbox. All conversations are archived as usual when using SpinOffice mail.

Incoming WhatsApp messages appear in your inbox, you or one of your colleagues can respond directly through a new chat window. Now you can communicate even more directly with your customers, share files, automate canned replies and even create opening hours using WhatsApp templates. These templates can be created in MessageBird.

We run training courses to explain how to configure automations within MessageBird.

The integration with WhatsApp Business allows you to improve productivity by managing all your communication channels in one place in your Inbox.

What are the requirements?

  • a Messagebird account
  • een Facebook business page
  • the WhatsApp module in SpinOffice CRM

Important information to keep in mind in advance:

  • You can only start a conversation by using a WhatsApp template and not via a separate message. Of course you can respond to an incoming WhatsApp message.
  • We recommend choosing a phone number that is not yet a WhatsApp Business number.
  • The chosen phone number cannot be used as a WhatsApp number outside of MessageBird. So not on a phone, WhatsApp web or desktop app.
  • The telephone number will no longer be available as a WhatsApp Business number after termination with MessageBird.
  • We have no influence on the verification process of MessageBird, Facebook / WhatsApp.

How to get the WhatsApp Business integration started?

Most of the required actions must be done within MessageBird and Facebook. Both platforms have a support center where everything is explained, but all in all the process is quite complex so we are happy to briefly explain the steps to you.

Go to WhatsApp Business activation for a detailed step-by-step plan.

The costs

One-off costs SpinOffice

We do not charge annual costs for using the WhatsApp integration via MessageBird in SpinOffice, but only one-time implementation costs. In this way we ensure a successful implementation of the WhatsApp Business channel in SpinOffice.

There are the two pricing options.



Complete implementation please!
Together we go through all the above steps and ensure a quick implementation.
I am self-reliant!
We only go through steps 6 to 9 together, the rest is up to you. Note: this may take more time.
One-time costs: € 920 One-time costs: € 570

* Prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

WhatsApp / MessageBird usage fees

In addition to the one-time implementation costs that we charge once, WhatsApp Business charges a rate per sent notification. These usage charges are settled in your MessageBird account.

From February 1, 2022, WhatsApp will switch from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. WhatsApp calls this “Conversation-Based Pricing”. Instead of paying for notifications sent, businesses are charged per call, including all messages delivered within a 24-hour period. Read more information here.

Are you interested in the WhatsApp Business integration in SpinOffice CRM? Contact us.