Xelion VoIP


Business telephony is, together with email, nowadays the lifeblood of any company. Xelion is a cloud-hosted telephony solution. With Xelion VoIP Business, companies have their business communication perfectly organized. An optimally accessible organization with employees who can call anytime and anywhere with VoIP. Both with landline telephone, PC, laptop and smartphone.

SpinOffice CRM offers an integration with Xelion VoIP. By linking your SpinOffice account to Xelion, you can make and receive calls directly from SpinOffice. Incoming calls are signaled within your SpinOffice CRM environment. Incoming and outgoing calls are recognized and matched based on the phone number. On incoming calls, SpinOffice automatically creates a call note. There is an automatic logging and time registration of all conversations and, on request, conversations are recorded and automatically saved with the contact in SpinOffice CRM.

The advantages of the SpinOffice CRM VoIP integration at a glance:

  • Call directly from SpinOffice CRM (Click-to-Dial)
  • Both incoming and outgoing calls are recognized and linked to your contacts
  • SpinOffice CRM automatically creates call notes
  • Automatic logging and time recording of calls
  • Automatic storage of recorded conversations (on request)
  • Works on Windows and Mac, iOS and Android App

The Click-to-Dial feature only does not work on iOS yet.

How to activate the Xelion integration?

When you are interested to use the VoIP telephony integration with SpinOffice CRM, please contact us and we will arrange set up implementation with Xelion. They offer a monthly subscription for business and the Xelion integration with SpinOffice. We receive a message from Samson IT Xelion when your Xelion Plus environment has been activated.

The only thing you will have to do, is to follow the steps to activate the Xelion integration.

What are the costs?

Besides a SpinOffice Pro account, a subscription at Xelion is required. There are no one-time setup costs. Xelion uses monthly costs per user of € 45.