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SpinOfficeSpinOffice CRM is available in two editions: a free Limited edition and a Pro edition. In general, the Limited edition has limited storage and contains less features than Pro.

Use the free version to see if SpinOffice CRM fits your needs: set up your email, import existing contacts from various sources, invite your colleagues in the database, create and manage email templates, archive your documents, call notes and memos, and create your own task list. Once you’re up and running and completely convinced of its value, you may upgrade to get the full Pro version.


Contact Management
 Contacts & Companies
 Addressing per customer
 Mail correspondence
 Text messaging
 Search & filter options
Email Communication
 IMAP sync
 Auto-archiving of all messages
 Contact, folder & internal linking
 Template builder
 Keyword tagging & selections
 Email templates
 Mail-merge personalisation
 Newsletters and mailings (Pro)
 Lead tracking & quotes
 Sales processes
 Contact’s dashboard
Document Management
 Managing folders
 Document Versioning
 MS Office merge-templates (3)
 MS Office merge-templates (unlimited) (Pro)
Calendar & Tasks
 Shared office calendar
 Tasks & Reminders
 Real-time alerts
Project Management
 Folder sharing
 Internal messaging
 Export folders (Pro)
 Time registration (Pro)
 Security groups
 Manage user access
 Roles & permissions per user (Pro)
 Two-factor authentication (Pro)
 Daily Backups (Pro)
 Data Encryption (Pro)
 Account personalization
 Preferred tabs/screens
 Contact card customization
 Company logo (Pro)
Mobile Sync
 iOS app access & sync
 IMAP email sync
 Contacts/calendar sync with Mac/iOS/Android
 Microsoft Office
 Text messaging
 Mac Address Book
 iPhone (iOS 8.1 and later)

We’re developing an Android version as well; it will be launched in September 2018.