Good! is a key player in the sustainable (energy) landscape. We contribute to sustainability of The Netherlands by being the platform for the sustainable industry and to be the transfer of knowledge and skills to professionals. Within SpinOffice, the ability to find any email or appointment among 34,000 relationships within a couple of seconds is absolutely brilliant! Through smart questionnaires we manage exibitors and visitors of large and complex trade fairs. Together with SpinOffice we automated the process to charge visitors and exhibitors automatically, which has become an enormous time-saver for us! SpinOffice has become a crucial part of our business operations.

Peter Groot CEO/Founder Good!

For KRAMER ARTISTS, SpinOffice is the perfect tool to manage a large number of project-related conversations. We rapidly discovered whether our customer data is legitimate, and which projects have been worked on together. Additionally, being able to write personalized, pre-written emails saved a lot of time! It is a bonus being able to add lone employees, working from any computer, and always finding the information that we need. Last but certainly not least, the support is out of this world!

We needed a CRM that would help us quickly locate a history of all correspondence with customers, suppliers and prospects and SpinOffice is perfect. After 2 years we are still finding new ways to make our processes more efficient using the capabilities of SpinOffice. We are a small office with 3 users and it works well for us that all have visibility into all inbound messages so that we can cover each other and nothing slips through the cracks. We couldn’t be further away physically or in time zones but we have had almost non-stop availability and very responsive support when we have questions. SpinOffice has become a very valuable asset and tool in our relationship management.

We use SpinOffice since 2015 for our real estate business. We have over 35,000 clients in the database therefor we really need a reliable and solid solution. And despite the large number of relationships it’s easy to set it all up and to manage them in SpinOffice. And really, their support desk is extremely good. Monthly we send over 10,000 mail to our customers by the system, a marketing mailing to our prospects and customers is sent in a snap. We use the mobile version of SpinOffice as well. I really recommend SpinOffice for businesses, even for self-employers – good in price and excellent in service. The best we have tried.

When starting our company, we were looking for a simple CRM which could meet our needs for planning teacher’s timetables and ensuring this was linked to every student and contact that we have. SpinOffice meets and surpasses our needs with its simplicity and the ability to connect anywhere, at any time and ensure that everything is organised, even before you get into the office. The customer support is second to none and are always available to help with any doubts or queries you have. Another main advantage for us is the ability to send mass emails to certain groups, to ensure all our students are always up-to-date with every activity we are doing.

When I began shopping for a CRM, simplicity and stability were the most important factors for me. Too many CRMs have far too many bells and whistles, most of which go unused once the program is set up and running. SpinOffice is simple, yet robust, and I have had exactly ZERO hours of downtime since I began using the product. Customer support is second to none, and the company is always probing for ways to improve functionality while still maintaining the elegance and simplicity that I find so appealing.

Mike Nonelle V.P. & Senior Franchise Consultant The YOU Network

Easy invoicing, delivery notes, loading orders and price agreements; SpinOffice is able to process these daily processes quickly and easily. Over the years we have had a lot of customization automated and developed, where all data is stored in SpinOffice. As a result our logistics process has improved enormously and people now work much more efficiently than 10 years ago!

LS Pallet Group

All data of our customers, suppliers and other contacts at hand and clearly displayed on one page. The input fields can be customized at your own discretion, that makes the system adaptive for any industry. It has a smooth integration with our mail traffic, the agenda and projects. Contracts, photos etc. can be added for each project or contact. No more searching for files or papers that are missing. Overall, just a great system!

Parking Caravan Costa Brava

SpinOffice meets the needs of this time. We use SpinOffice CRM for several years now. Initially we used it to organize and archive communication with our business contacts, but now SpinOffice CRM has become a serious software application that offers us many opportunities. With more than 9 employees we use the same shared database every day without any significant problem. SpinOffice has become a part of our business operations and our everyday work. Why we think every entrepreneur should use SpinOffice CRM? Because the application is very user friendly, orderly, it meets the needs of this times and corresponding developments. And not to be forgotten, we have always received very good service!


Customer care is not a department but a way of doing business. From day one, SpinOffice CRM is an indispensable product in the continuity of our customer service. It is the perfect solution where part-timers and full-timers work together in the same customer base without having information transferred every day. Customer care is not a department but a way of doing business…. SpinOffice CRM provides us in this better than anyone else could. Sentix HSE Services is an expert agency in the field of radiation protection, laser safety and product safety compliance.

Sentix HSE Services

It’s a must for any business! One of our Office Managers was familiar with CRM from her previous job. She convinced the management team to work with a solid hosted CRM application, so we started with SpinOffice in 2003. We were able to connect the CRM application, with MS Office included, to our order system EuroBASE. This was decisive. Now that these systems are paired, all our customer data is managed and mutated. SpinOffice saves us a lot of time and frustration. A must for any business, we would say!

A clear overview of our client data. SpinOffice CRM is an ideal solution for our company because it automatically organizes all our e-mail and client files. And besides that, the application works fast and very easy. Every employee now has good overview of our client data. A big difference with how we worked in the past!

SpinOffice made our own server redundant. Basicly we use primarily SpinOffice as our mail client. But It is much more intelligent than other similar programs by integrating our email with a complete CRM in one system. Moreover, now our company data is stored much more secure which makes our own server and a costly external IT company unnecessary. The introduction of SpinOffice has delivered substantial savings and a more efficient process and improved security. Charter Real Estate is initiator and manager of investment funds investing in development of residential real estate in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Charter Real Estate

SpinOffice CRM has simplified our relationship management. Since 2008, we use SpinOffice with much pleasure. It has simplified our relationship management. No we have a better insight of all our business relationships, internal and external communication, agreements that are made, scanned contracts, relations of our clients, standard documents and email templates.

A CRM software should not be missing in any modern company. Nowadays it is essential to connect with all your customers and potential clients accurately and appropriately. With this comprehensive yet simple software you can quickly have all your activities under control with each contact (appointments, emails, tasks, phone calls, etc). Great customer service, always available and accurate. And a major benefit is that the application is available in my mother language, Italian.

We enjoy using SpinOffice since we are a growing company with many new customers and prospects, so a central spot to manage this is truly a must. SpinOffice is ideal for this, it helps us to store neatly all information; quotations, contracts, images etc.. The integration with our Google mail and the connection with relationships is truly unique!

Madicine Media

Different roles per user, truly ideal. DOK H2O is a place where people come together for celebrations, meetings, theater and more. It is a cultural haven in Deventer. SpinOffice CRM helps us immensely in planning our events, the staff, restaurant and the theater cafe. We work with different departments and personnel with various functions. Per user, we can indicate the roles and rights. In this way everyone has access to the right data, and the management team has access to all information.


A perfect integration with my email client. We work with SpinOffice CRM on a daily base since 2013. We experience the application as very user friendly and easy in use. It provides proper insight into our client’s files. Additionally, it provides a perfect integration with my email and the most important data is in sync with my mobile devices.

New Finance

Easy to keep track of our annual donations. SpinOffice CRM helps us tremendously in maintaining our international contacts. Especially the integration with our email and the registration of the donations are very valuable to us. Livada Foundation helps children in Romania to lay a foundation for a better future for themselves and their surroundings. All employees of Foundation Livada do their work on a voluntary basis and receive no compensation for it so we can take advantage of all donations to support the orphans.

Julie Dahmen Board member Livada Foundation

Top quality catering required to be well organized. We love running a business where customers expect more than 100% commitment. Our team is focused on making each event the best event we ever did, but this only works when you have a super software application that organizes your communication. Every email or phone conversation with a customer should be archived, employees will only do this when they know it saves time. SpinOffice delivers that for us. Our people love using SpinOffice CRM and we highly recommend you to use it as relationship tool for your business!

All our customer data is saved in one central place. SpinOffice offers us the possibility to control all our primary activities. The fact that email conversations, appointments and documents are visible for each user is very helpful to us. In addition, individual relationships can be marked and filtered based on keywords/tags which allows us to make highly specific selections. An important part of the value creation within Wellguard Risk Planning is, without you even noticing, taking place in SpinOffice.

SpinOffice is a perfect solution also for single usage: it’s easy to work, user-friendly and it’s brilliant in the way it processes documents and files.