Multi-User Usage

Multi-User Application

Multi-user in free Limited version

Multi-UsersSpinOffice is designed so it can be used by multiple users. Invite your colleagues to participate. No strings attached, no credit cards required. You can set all of this up including multiple users connecting to a shared database as part of the free Limited edition to be sure you are happy with it before you purchase any licenses.

Customer records, emails or documents created or updated by one user are visible to all the users within the same shared database. Businesses that need CRM to coordinate efforts of salespeople, customer service personnel, managers and so on will really reap the benefits. All that is required to set this up is to have a SpinOffice Limited database.

In the Pro version, define rules that help you to share data with peers, management, and subordinates. Create groups to manage a common set of records with a group of members. In combination with the Sync option (available for Limited & Pro) your organization will have the ideal shared CRM database tool!

You can add more users at any time by installing SpinOffice on additional client PCs or Macs.

Multi-user in your Pro account

Within a Pro account each invited user will be billed as additional Pro license. Without a Pro license, the user will have “Read-only” rights and will not be able to add any items to the database. When new users are added in the application you will fulfill the payment of the Pro licenses in your dashboard.

Install SpinOffice on multiple computers

As your business grows you may need to access customer data from more than one PC or Mac. With SpinOffice CRM you can easily share your customer data and documents across multiple PCs or Macs on a network. The customer details are stored in an encrypted, cloud hosted database easily accessible from networked client PCs or Macs. This doesn’t require a server, it just requires a shared folder on a PC that all the client PCs can access.