Download SpinOffice CRM

Download SpinOffice on all your devices and log in with your personal username and password. Or log in to your CRM database directly via the web. A tip for quick access: bookmark the web login page in your browser.

How to get started?

  1. Download SpinOffice CRM on your device(s).
  2. Log in with your email address and password. No account yet? Register here.
  3. Import existing contacts from Excel, Apple Address Book, Office 365 or Mailchimp.
  4. Connect your email account(s) in order to bring in all your communication with your business contacts.
  5. Invite your colleagues to share all information and to collaborate as a team.
  6. Import documents & files from your local computer and store them in folders for each contact/customer in the database.
  7. Create your own templates in line with your corporate identity. Both email templates and document templates!
  8. Upgrade to Pro in the desktop application or in your dashboard when SpinOffice meets your needs in order to get more storage, extra Pro-features and support.

When you already have an account but you need to install the software again, please feel free to do so. Download and open SpinOffice CRM on a laptop, desktop or mobile device and enter your personal details to get access to your encrypted database again.