Mollie is one of the biggest payment Service Providers (PSP) in the Netherlands. This means that mollie facilitate all the payments from your customers and pays out the amount at the moment chosen by you. Your customer can choose from the most common payment options within Europe, such as iDEAL, credit card, sepa direct debit, Bancontact (Belgium), Sofort (Germany) and recently also Apple Pay. Mollie suffice to the requirements of the the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

SpinOffice CRM offers the option within your website through an iframe to process payments linked to your mollie account including a login environment. All payments are processed directly in the customer data in your CRM system. It is even possible to make a proposal or a payment option. If this has been paid, the status will be adjusted and the customer will immediately receive an invoice and/or payment confirmation.

Your customers can log in to a login environment on your website, tick and purchase your products or services, and pay directly through for example, iDEAL, PayPal, credit card, Apple pay etc. All payments arrive into your mollie-account. If you do not own a mollie- account, we could provide a reseller account for free.

The mollie integration in SpinOffice is not standard functionality within the software, but custom work that we, on behalf of you and together with you, develop.

We have various examples of projects for which we have integrated mollie-payments. We are happy to inform you about this by phone.

We would love to hear from you if you need more information regarding the possibility to integrate mollie in SpinOffice CRM.