Feature Comparison

Compare SpinOffice CRM editions




Pricing (plus VAT, if applicable)
Price per user license, billed annually free $27.50
/user /month*
/user /month
(starting price)
File storage
Storage level in database 50 items unlimited unlimited
Helpdesk support basic standard premium
Secure login with personal password
Encrypted file storage
Data backup x daily daily
Two-factor authentication x
Roles & permissions per user x
Backup restore x
Auto-clean function x
Allowed IP x x
Security groups x x
Contact Management
Contacts & Companies
Addressing per contact
Archive per contact
Mail correspondence
Contact’s Dashboard
Short text messaging
Search & filter options
Mass import/export contacts
Extra Info fields 4 20 20
Keywords/Tags 8 40 40
Internal relationships x
Favorite groups x
CRM change history x
Email integration
Auto-archiving messages
Contact, folder & internal linking
Convert Email to task
Email template builder
IMAP sync last 30 days last 90 days alll messages
Email accounts per user 1 5 unlimited
Mass email x
Share inbox option x
Inbox background color x
Spell check as you type option x
Custom IMAP folders x
Email logs access x x
Shared office calendar
Real-time alerts
Import Mac Calendars upcoming 30 days all events all events
Calendar sharing with colleagues x
Color schemes x
Send events as attachment x
Send invitations x
Link to Activity x
Task Management
Contact, folder & internal linking
Priority option
Kanban Board for all tasks
Real-time alerts
Link to Activity x
Time tracking on task x x
Document Management
Microsoft Office integration
Store to folders
Attach documents
Drag & Drop option
Convert to PDF
Office merge-templates 3 unlimited unlimited
Document versioning x
Document Cloud search (including content) x x
Folder Management
Contact & internal linking
Shielding folders
Folder types 5 unlimited unlimited
Sub folders x
Export folders x
Default folders x x
Time registration module x x
Marketing Automation
Keyword tagging & selections
Mail-merge personalization
Mass email up to 5 /per action up to 100 /per action unlimited
Email templates 1 unlimited unlimited
Activity Codes x
Scheduled text messaging x
Email opt-out x x
Account Customization
Preferred tabs/screens
Contact types admin 5 unlimited unlimited
Company logo x
Tab dragging x
Home Dashboard
Kanban Board for Tasks
Contact Dashboard
Mobile sync
Mobile apps (iOS/Android) access & sync
IMAP email sync
Contacts-sync through CardDAV
Calendar-sync through CalDAV
Add-ons & Integrations
Microsoft Office (Word & Excel)
OAuth 2.0 protocol (Google & Outlook)
Office 365 (Contacts & Calendar) (?)
Mac Calendars import (?) 30 days all events all events
Mac Contacts import (?)
Mailchimp (?)
MessageBird (?)
Connection with local scanner (?) x
Dropbox export (?) x extra costs
mollie payment (?) x extra costs extra costs
Invoicing module x extra costs extra costs
Questionnaire module x x extra costs

* Price in following years is $32.50 per month (billed annually).