Our Message API integration with MessageBird allows any company using SpinOffice to chat with their customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, LINE and SMS.

To improve marketing and sales alignment, SpinOffice has introduced its new MessageBird integration. The integration features a full two-way communication of SMS messages. Send and receive SMS messages to and from any country in the world.

Improve your communication

Use the MessageBird SMS service in SpinOffice to deliver SMS messages to your customers instantly. Send anything from marketing campaigns to delivery updates. It’s a two-way communication, so your customers can always reach you. All messages end up in the customer’s archive in SpinOffice.

Use a custom sender ID

Show your name (up to 11 characters) instead of a number as the sender ID when sending messages in most countries.

Send group SMS

Send personalized SMS to a group of contacts in SpinOffice. Bypass your own mobile provider and opt to use the SMS gateway of MessageBird instead. This allows you to send your group SMS with less cost and more control. Truly an effective way to reach your target group, it’s ideal for marketing campaigns.

The SMS integration in SpinOffice is free for all users, only requirement is a registered MessageBird account. Additional costs would be for MessageBird services.

Other integrations through the Messagebird platform

In March 2021, the WhatsApp integration will be launched.