Mobile Sync

Sync with your mobile devices

Run your business on the go

Mobile SyncIn both the free Limited- and Pro edition synchronization of all contacts and your calendar is available. The data syncs with the default Contacts/Calendar-app of your iOS/Android device. Besides the sync option, you can access and manage your data anytime from the mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Contacts & Calendar Sync

For the contacts sync a CardDAV account is created, for the calendar we use CalDAV as sync account type. What is DAV? Basically, it provides a mechanism for a server to sync calendar data or contact data with multiple clients.

Using CardDAV and CalDAV protocols, users can keep their contacts and calendar data in sync, and it’s very easy to set up. CalDAV can be set up in almost the exact same way as CardDAV on your Apple (iOS & OS X) and Android device. It only requires a SpinOffice account with the DAV activated.

How to activate and set up the Contacts/Calendar sync? Read the FAQ article how to activate the Contacts/Calendar sync.

Email Sync

Email in SpinOffice is in sync when IMAP is set as incoming email server for the configured email account. Many email clients like Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, AOL mail,,, Yahoo, Strato, etc., do support IMAP. Both the incoming mail, send items and the trash folder are synced with SpinOffice and the primary client.

Read this FAQ how to configure your mail the first time you Use SpinOffice.