SpinOffice Calendar

A Central Office Calendar

The agenda in SpinOffice does not differ very much from the one you are used to, but this agenda has some tools which make this a useful feature; appointments can be linked to contacts, colleagues and folders. Invitations for appointments can automatically be sent to any contact in the database and shielding appointments from others is also possible.

In order to keep the agenda orderly, every employee has a different color. You can immediately see whether a colleague is available for a meeting and appointments can be created and adjusted. The agenda is fully integrated and accessible for every user.

Sync your agenda with your mobile devices

In both the free Limited as the Pro edition it is possible to sync the calendar in SpinOffice with your mobile devices via a CalDAV account. The sync can be activated within the application, a CalDAV account is created which can be configured on your Apple/Android device and even in Mac Calendar and most Outlook versions. Every event that is placed in the ‘SpinOffice’ calendar synchronizes on all devices where the CalDAV account is configured.