More than 5 million people use Mailchimp to design, send, and track email marketing campaigns. Keep your Mailchimp and SpinOffice data updated with this integration from Mailchimp. Manage subscribers, bounces, and more.

SpinOffice’s integration with Mailchimp allows for two-way interaction between your customer database and your email list(s). Build highly specific filters in SpinOffice and share them with Mailchimp.

The benefits

What makes the Mailchimp integration such a great feature?

  • Import Mailchimp contacts to SpinOffice based on list(s).
  • Export SpinOffice contacts to Mailchimp mailing list(s) based on filters.
  • Get hard bounces to SpinOffice contacts’ profiles.

Manage email contacts and campaigns with SpinOffice’s Mailchimp integration. Use this integration to segment your lists based on profiles of contacts in SpinOffice CRM.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Open the integration from the menu in SpinOffice, enter your Mailchimp API Key, connect and select one of the above mentioned options.