Contact Management

Contact Management

Improve the structure of your customer base

Contact ManagementSpinOffice will help you to manage your relationships; in the long run it will really save you time. You will stay connected with your friends and business contacts and save time by getting organized. All your customers, prospects, email, calendar, tasks and memos, documents, projects and archive will be in one central database and will be accessible for you and your colleagues. When working with multiple users, you will all share the same data but in the security settings the administrator can manage the permission level of each user.

A digital rolodex

SpinOffice is actually a digital rolodex; every contact has its own contact card with relevant contact information. Only this one is interactive, smart and always up-to-date! It contains contact information and many other characteristics. A contact is always classified in a certain category, we call this a contact type. Examples are for instance a customer, prospect, vendor, supplier, company or private contact. The fields and labels on a card are arranged on the basis of this contact type.

Contact list

A personal archive for each contact

Besides the contact card, each contact has its own personal archive where all former communication is stored. All incoming and outgoing emails, outbound and incoming calls, tasks, appointments, attachments and all types of files can be found here. When a new contact is added to the database with an email address attached, the archive will automatically be filled. This way you build a completely up-to-date customer database in no time!

Learn more?

Read user manual chapter 3. Contacts section in our support center and watch the following short introductory video.