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SpinOffice offers the possibility to retrieve all your contacts and calendar appointments from your current Microsoft 365 account. All you have to do is link your Office 365 account to SpinOffice once and it will do the rest!

Microsoft 365 Calendar synchronization

It’s now even easier to use your SpinOffice Calendar as a central place for everything you need to do: schedule appointments with prospects, follow-up appointments with current clients and gain insight into your team’s schedule. You now have a reliable connection between SpinOffice CRM Calendar and Microsoft Office 365, where all information easily ends up in your CRM via Outlook.

Synchronizing calendar appointments between Microsoft Office 365 calendar and SpinOffice prevents errors and incorrect data, it reduces the chance that a date is entered incorrectly, a name is misspelled or that a participant is forgotten. Synchronizing appointments removes the human error factor and ensures that nothing is missed. In addition, it will increase the adoption of CRM within your company because accurate data is automatically stored in the CRM, increasing the chance that SpinOffice CRM will eventually be completely adopted.

As soon as you connect your Microsoft Office 365 calendar to SpinOffice, all existing appointments from Microsoft Office 365 will be imported into SpinOffice and vice versa. After that, it becomes a full one-way sync!

Microsoft 365 / Outlook Calendar import

Import all your appointments from your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Outlook into SpinOffice. You will see how easy it is, your CRM is filled with your existing appointments in no time.

The advantage of using the SpinOffice agenda is that appointments can be linked to relations, colleagues and files. The relationship link is especially interesting; this way you can easily see when there have been appointments with you or one of your colleagues.

In the Limited version we retrieve all appointments from the past 30 days and the next 30 days, in the Pro edition all appointments are imported.

Keep an eye on; it is an import on its own request and thus not a constant synchronization. We do offer that option, but this is the mobile sync.

Microsoft 365 Contacten synchronization

This option will be available in April 2023 in both the free Limited version and the Pro edition.

Microsoft 365 / Outlook Contacts import

At the touch of a button all contacts, including contact details, addresses and notes are imported into SpinOffice. All contacts immediately end up neatly in your contact list.

The great thing about the Microsoft 365 import option is that imported contacts are automatically linked to email messages within the database. If you import all your Microsoft 365 contacts again after a month, SpinOffice picks up all mutations and automatically deduplicates them.

The option to import your Microsoft 365 contacts is available in both the free Limited version and the Pro edition.