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  • Highly secure storage of all data.

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CRM for Mac

Are you looking for a CRM application for your iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro? SpinOffice is the perfect macOS CRM solution! We offer a very complete and extensive, cloud based relationship management software application which includes modules for marketing, project management, document management, time tracking and more. With its user friendly interface, SpinOffice is the perfect CRM for Mac!

The unique thing about SpinOffice is that you can easily work with it as a team. Everyone has their own environment with their own inbox, all business relations and associated archive, projects / files, their own calendar and a task list. There are few CRM systems on the market available for Mac that can provide this complete package.

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Why is SpinOffice the perfect CRM for Mac?

  • A free Limited version available to try.
  • One central spot for mail, contacts, activities, documents & files.
  • The perfect team solution for any small-medium sized business.
  • Sync with your mobile devices (mail, contacts & calendar).
  • All data stored encrypted in a hosted cloud.
  • Smart features that will save you time.
  • Integration with e.g. MS Office, Mac Contacts, MailChimp & MessageBird
  • Available application for Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Mac compatibleApple

SpinOffice CRM for Mac is available for every Mac with OS X 10.7 Lion or later. For every Mac, the interface is the same and optimized for each screen. Every component in SpinOffice is opened in a new tab on your Mac, just as you would expect in your web browser.

Sync with mobile devicesSync

You are be able to sync your mail (IMAP), contacts and agenda in SpinOffice with your iPhone, iPad and Mac Mail, iCal calendar and iOS Address Book. This way all your agenda items, contacts and emails are saved online and synced automatically, you’ll have access to your data from everywhere.

Mobile App voor iOSMobile

The mobile version of SpinOffice CRM (available for iPhone & iPad with iOS 8.1 or newer) gives you access to your CRM data anywhere, anytime from your Apple device. All contacts, files, folders / projects, tasks, calendar and your email are accessible on the mobile app.

Read more about the features of our mobile application.

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2. Download & log in

Download the software on your Mac and log in to your account.

Invite your colleagues and work together in the same database.

3. Integrate your email

Make sure your existing correspondence is in SpinOffice. Configure your current email accounts by entering the incoming mail server settings (IMAP). All emails are automatically saved and linked to contacts in the database.

4. Import your contacts

Import all your existing business relations from Office 365, Mac Address Book or Excel to fill up your database.

All email messages are automatically linked to the right contact.

After completing the above steps, invite your colleagues to join the database and share all information, import documents and files from your local Mac and store them in the archive behind the contact.

What’s in the Pro version of SpinOffice CRM for Mac?

Upgrade to the full Pro version for unlimited storage and extra features. View here the differences between the free version and the Pro version.