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  • Manage all your business contacts.
  • Full integration of all your mail accounts and calendar.
  • Collaborate with your team and share all data with your colleagues.
  • Highly secure storage of all data.

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Features to Improve Your Customer Relationships

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Manage all your business contacts

Consolidate all contacts, leads, and customers into one central place. Organize notes, emails, files, and more by relationships’ personal archive to keep information at your fingertips and track customer interactions.

Full integration of your mail accounts

SpinOffice CRM is unique in the way it handles email. All sent and received items are fully integrated and automatically linked to contacts.

A shared office calendar

One central calendar that is accessible for every team member. All appointments can be linked to a contact, colleague or folder. Sent invitations and sync with your mobile devices.

Serve your customers better than ever before

Additional Tools to Make CRM a Success

Collaborate with your team

All data created or updated by one user is visible for all others within the same shared database with the proper user rights. Your team will really reap the benefits.

Sync with your mobile devices

Run your business on the go as you can access and manage your data anytime from your laptop, phone and tablet (iOS & Android) whenever you are connected to the Internet. Your email, contacts and the calendar in SpinOffice are synced across your Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android device.

Highly secure storage of all data

All data stored in SpinOffice CRM is saved encrypted on highly secured servers in Europe and only you will get the key. We do not share any information with third parties.

What Our Customers Say…

SpinOffice helps us quickly locate a history of all correspondence with customers, suppliers and prospects. After 2 years we are still finding new ways to make our processes more efficient using the capabilities of SpinOffice. We are a small office with 3 users and it works well for us that all have visibility into all inbound messages so that we can cover each other and nothing slips through the cracks.

SpinOffice has become a very valuable asset and tool in our relationship management.

Trevor Jones

CEO, Li’l Boxes. Northern Pallets & Crates

When I began shopping for a CRM, simplicity and stability were the most important factors for me. Too many CRMs have far too many bells and whistles, most of which go unused once the program is set up and running. SpinOffice is simple, yet robust, and I have had exactly ZERO hours of downtime since I began using the product. Customer support is second to none, and the company is always probing for ways to improve functionality while still maintaining the elegance and simplicity that I find so appealing.

Mike Nonelle


In the early days there was a constant barrage of emails back and forth trying to keep up with all the details that now SpinOffice keeps all in one place for me and my team. I find what I’m looking for quickly and with precision. Everything is at my fingertips and the tasks feature ensures that I don’t miss a single opportunity to follow up. It made our proficency and productivity reach levels that would never have been possible before. SpinOffice has really changed how we do business.

Justin Jones


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SpinOffice’s roots started at Mulberry Garden founded by Rudolf Philipse in 1999 and who is now SpinOffice’s founder and CEO. While at Mulberry Garden Rudolf formed a team to design from the ground up a web based SaaS Customer Relationship Management system that was an easy to use, cost effective, end to end customer database tool. His goal was to give business owners and managers a tool that would help them organising their business even better, save time by archiving communication efficiently, and share important data with colleagues.

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