SpinOffice, the basics

SpinOffice, the basics

SpinOffice CRM (Client Relationship Management) is based on the idea that you can serve your customer best if you know what is going on. So it must register each email automatically and store any file that you send or receive from a customer. The second pillar to success is that the program should save you time. Only when an application saves you time, you will want to use it for everything you do and than it can capture these events and build up a database.

So what are the basic principals behind SpinOffice CRM?

Basically, SpinOffice CRM is system where you can easily arrange your contact information and filter that information as your needs require. Each contact will have its own ‘contact card’ with properties like products purchased or hobbies.

When you have entered some contacts into SpinOffice, you can set SpinOffice to pull your email into the system. Each email will arrive in your personal inbox and the content of the mail will be stored encrypted on our server. When the incoming email came from a contact that you already have in your system, SpinOffice will automatically link the message to the contact. By double clicking on the name in your inbox, the system will navigate to the contact card so you can quickly find additional information.

Each contact card also has an archive; in the archive you can find any mail that you have received or sent related to that contact. If you use SpinOffice with your team, the archive will also show any mail received or sent by a colleague in your team.

You can also store any file in SpinOffice that is related to contacts. So proposals, scanned documents or documents you are working on. Any document that you receive by mail will automatically be archived in the archive. It is also possible to import documents or create new documents. To make sure you save time using SpinOffice, create document templates that are automatically filled with contact information.

The agenda in SpinOffice is just like any other agenda except that an agenda item can be linked again to a contact, making it easy to see when and how often you have met with a contact. You can also link documents to your agenda items which is used a lot for call- reports.

In the background SpinOffice can synchronise with your iOS or Android device. All you need to do is to activate the sync-option and SpinOffice will sync all contacts and your agenda items with your device. Your email is in sync via IMAP.

We are excited that you are trying SpinOffice CRM and love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have questions so we can help.

SpinOffice support team