Processors of SpinOffice

SpinOffice, the CRM software from Mulberry Garden B.V. is made in-house, we manage our own servers. But we also use services from partners to process (personal) data. Here is an overview of the processors and sub-processors that we currently use.

Processors are used to process your data and that of colleagues. Subprocessors are used to process data that you as a customer process in your SpinOffice database: for example data from your customers and suppliers.

We have agreements with our sub-processor about the security and processing of data with processing agreements. This means that we have at least the same agreements as we have with you in the processing agreement that you have with Mulberry Garden B.V. closes.

Important processors

Amazon Web Services, Inc
processor en subprocessors
The majority of our infrastructure is hosted by Amazon Web Services, in data centers within the European Economic Area. Our application servers that are required to run SpinOffice CRM are hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS). All customer databases, emails, and files are stored and managed securely within Amazon Web Services. Our network is a ‘private network’ that no one else has access to.

AWS is ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified.

Other processors

We use ActiveCampaign to send automated e-mail messages and newsletters and they therefore have access to your name and e-mail address.
We use for our financial administration and that is why information about you as a customer (company name and name) is stored in

MessageBird B.V.
We use MessageBird as a multi-channel communication platform and use it to send SMS messages and have WhatsApp conversations with customers. Your contact details are stored in MessageBird during a conversation.

Slack (Slack Technologies Inc.)
We use Slack for internal communication with the team.

We use Mollie to process payments.