In recent weeks we have done preliminary research into the possibilities that ChatGPT could offer for SpinOffice CRM. Both for you as the end user of our CRM software and internally for the benefit of our marketing, sales and developers. We are happy to share our initial findings.

Because ChatGPT is the future but also reality. Students are already writing their thesis using AI, programmers are already generating code that may end up in software that you will use in the near future. So it is to be expected that some form of ChatGPT integration will eventually end up in your CRM.

You may also be wondering: “What would a ChatGPT integration in SpinOffice CRM look like?”. That is difficult to determine for now, but we still want to name a few points that we think are included.

But first, let us briefly discuss what ChatGPT is and what all the fuss is about.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a deep learning model trained on a very large dataset of hundreds of billions of words from a variety of sources (such as books and web pages). Based on this training, the tool produces text by predicting which words will follow in a given context. ChatGPT is thus a kind of hyper-advanced version of a tool that can predict text.

It’s not just a smart chatbot, ChatGPT is a chatbot equipped with the world’s most robust artificial intelligence (AI). It works like any chatbot: users type text-based prompts and it responds with its own text. What makes it unique is how fluid, comprehensive and human-sounding the answers are, as well as the wide variety of topics it can discuss.

It can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including writing, brainstorming, researching, coding, and providing feedback on existing text. ChatGPT’s ability to quickly generate large volumes of persuasive text has significant implications in a variety of fields such as academia, business, politics, and the Internet.

So, for example, do you want to write a blog article of 1000 words on a specific topic? Or compose a business email? It can. Or make a “explain it like I’m five” summary of a chemical process? Easily done. Writing programming code without technical knowledge? That is also possible. It sounds very scary, but it is unlikely what the possibilities of ChatGPT are.

Possible parts of a ChatGPT integration in SpinOffice CRM

Let’s imagine that the ChatGPT integration for SpinOffice CRM is already there. What features would it have? How could you implement AI to help you and your team achieve better results with the CRM? We have five points that we think a ChatGPT integration in SpinOffice could include in the future.

1. Make a summary of previous communication with customer or prospects

The ChatGPT AI can read through transcripts of previous calls, emails and messages and generate a summary for you. Imagine that you click on a contact card in SpinOffice. What do you see? The full timeline of past communications. Still, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to really understand how to provide the best possible service in further communication. This summary makes it easier for sales managers, who have been assigned a lead that a previous colleague has worked with, to become familiar with the prospect’s company.

2. Do a sentiment analysis of an email

ChatGPT AI determines whether an email is positive, negative or neutral. SpinOffice turns sentiment analysis into quickly understanding the impact of your interactions with customers, prompting action when sentiment changes and segmenting your contacts.

3. Automate tasks and actions

AI can be used to automate tasks and actions, such as sending automated emails and scheduling appointments. This can help increase employee efficiency and reduce workload.

4. Create personalized email campaigns

ChatGPT can help generate personalized and relevant responses to customer questions and support requests, improving customer experience and satisfaction. Of course you can already send a personalized email campaign in SpinOffice based on a template or a pre-written email. But with ChatGPT, every email sent during a campaign can have much more personal and specific context.

5. Support with the development of our software

Based on existing code, ChatGPT can understand and interpret the wishes of developers and provide corresponding code snippets. This can save programmers a lot of time. ChatGPT can help produce complex codes for building new modules and fix bugs in programming code. Below an example.

Explaining and fixing bugs in code:

In addition, it allows novice programmers who are not or hardly familiar with a programming language or framework to quickly catch up without spending a lot of time on the basics.

These are just a few possible parts of the integration of ChatGPT AI in SpinOffice CRM.


The challenges of integrating ChatGPT into CRM

While the potential benefits are clear, there are also challenges associated with this integration. For example, you should consider the lack of the human aspect that ChatGPT cannot fill, the instability of ChatGPT’s server capacity, and the reliability and viability of the data that ChatGPT generates. AI algorithms depend on accurate and relevant data to work, and if businesses lack visibility into this data, integrating AI into CRM systems can be difficult.


CRM is critical for companies to be successful in the modern business world and AI technologies can help improve CRM. Through the use of AI algorithms and applications, companies can gain better customer insights, identify increased sales opportunities, provide improved customer service and optimize business processes. While there are challenges in integrating AI into CRM, the benefits are too great to ignore.

In the short term we will collect more information and knowledge and investigate further so that we, as a software developer and supplier, have an ideal picture of the possible opportunities for SpinOffice CRM in the future. Based on this, we determine the implementation of an integration with ChatGPT AI, both internally for our programmers and for you as a user, so that we can make a plan of action.

For now we have to wait and see what new developments ChatGPT and AI will bring us. We will keep you informed of developments on our side!