We get great feedback from users around the world about our latest updates of SpinOffice CRM. Some of you use SpinOffice on a daily basis while others have tested it just for a few weeks. It is our privilege to serve you and we will keep doing our best to give you a great experience while using SpinOffice CRM. We are here to stay and you may expect a lot of great tools from us in the years to come.

Last year has been an exciting and successful year for us in many ways. We have been able to add and improve a wide number of features in SpinOffice, as you have regularly read in our newsletters, and we moved to Amazon Web Services platform to host the application servers that are needed to run all client databases of SpinOffice. We also created custom solutions for companies that wanted to integrate daily processes with their client database. Please read some examples on our website to inspire your business.

All this to serve you better and to allow you to grow your business.

Once again, thank you for using SpinOffice!

Rudolf Philipse
Sr. Consultant

Hugo van der Horst
Sales & Support


If you no longer have an active account or the application is no longer installed on your (mobile) device, no problem! Just download the software on your Mac, Windows PC or iOS device and get started again!

Did you know we have a reseller in Italy (Malin Luca) and in Brazil / Argentina (Rubens Keller). Please contact them directly for local support.