Are you already using tags in SpinOffice CRM? Increase the quality of your customer base better than ever before by segmenting contacts with common characteristics. Determine which tags you and your team want to use and for whom. For example, make a distinction between certain products or services, categories, a specific status or customer characteristic. After that, assign the appropriate tag(s) to each contact in your CRM, individually or by group. This way you will search, categorize and filter your business contacts even more efficiently.

Tags in SpinOffice

In the paid version you have access to tag groups. Creating those groups allow you to create different categories and to subdivide all your tags into these categories. You will be able to filter not only on the tags you have, but also on the tag group category. Give each tag group a different color too! This way, you add even more structure to the mush of tags.

Working with tags is very accessible and easy to use. We recommend everyone to test and use this feature.

Many existing customers require a migration to a new version of the contact screen first

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