A CRM software should not be missing in any modern company. Nowadays it is essential to connect with all your customers and potential clients accurately and appropriately. With this comprehensive yet simple software you can quickly have all your activities under control with each contact (appointments, emails, tasks, phone calls, etc). Great customer service, always available and accurate. And a major benefit is that the application is available in my mother language, Italian.

In the early days there was a constant barrage of emails back and forth trying to keep up with all the details that now SpinOffice keeps all in one place for me and my team. I find what I’m looking for quickly and with precision. Everything is at my fingertips and the tasks feature ensures that I don’t miss a single opportunity to follow up. It made my proficency and productivity reach levels that would never have been possible before. Finally a program that does exactly what I need it to do without costing me an arm and a leg. SpinOffice has really changed how we do business.

Justin Jones Owner Vulure Couture, LLC