Financial Services

Financial Services

I have been working as an independent entrepreneur with SpinOffice since 2013 and I am very satisfied with the package, especially because I have all the communication with my customer together along with their financial details. Do I need something from 5 years ago? I can find it in a snap! The option to create groups and filters that I can then email all together but separately, is really brilliant. The system has many more options that I don’t use yet. Last but not least, the communication with their service provision runs very smoothly and quickly which is great!

Financial Wise

A perfect integration with my email client. We work with SpinOffice CRM on a daily base since 2013. We experience the application as very user friendly and easy in use. It provides proper insight into our client’s files. Additionally, it provides a perfect integration with my email and the most important data is in sync with my mobile devices.

New Finance

All our customer data is saved in one central place. SpinOffice offers us the possibility to control all our primary activities. The fact that email conversations, appointments and documents are visible for each user is very helpful to us. In addition, individual relationships can be marked and filtered based on keywords/tags which allows us to make highly specific selections. An important part of the value creation within Wellguard Risk Planning is, without you even noticing, taking place in SpinOffice.