Service Businesses

Service Businesses

Good! is a key player in the sustainable (energy) landscape. We contribute to sustainability of The Netherlands by being the platform for the sustainable industry and to be the transfer of knowledge and skills to professionals. Within SpinOffice, the ability to find any email or appointment among 34,000 relationships within a couple of seconds is absolutely brilliant! Through smart questionnaires we manage exibitors and visitors of large and complex trade fairs. Together with SpinOffice we automated the process to charge visitors and exhibitors automatically, which has become an enormous time-saver for us! SpinOffice has become a crucial part of our business operations.

Peter Groot CEO/Founder Good!

When I began shopping for a CRM, simplicity and stability were the most important factors for me. Too many CRMs have far too many bells and whistles, most of which go unused once the program is set up and running. SpinOffice is simple, yet robust, and I have had exactly ZERO hours of downtime since I began using the product. Customer support is second to none, and the company is always probing for ways to improve functionality while still maintaining the elegance and simplicity that I find so appealing.

Mike Nonelle V.P. & Senior Franchise Consultant The YOU Network

In the past I worked at another company with SpinOffice as CRM to everyone’s satisfaction. So, it was a logical choice to implement the software at my own company as well. SpinOffice is much more than a rolodox card catalog full of contact cards, keywords and all communication. The application is structured, efficient and also easy to operate. In addition, it even continues to improve! It is a versatile program in which all data is clearly arranged together. By working with SpinOffice, we can handle all kinds of activities more efficiently, structure work processes and improve interactions with our customers. For example, we can remotely take care of calendar management, correspondence, mailings, newsletters, and administration. Even a VoIP call integration is possible.

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