The new year is the perfect time to take stock of all the things you achieved in 2018, and of course set goals for the year ahead. You may have plans to eat healthier, exercise more, finally make that dream trip, or even screw your nine to five like you’ve been talking about forever.

For business owners, making new year’s resolutions can really make a positive impact on success. When it comes to managing your growing business, you need software that goes above and beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets.

CRM software creates efficiency in your day to day operations by monitoring how you interact with your customers, manage tasks, and by making key data easily accessible.

SpinOffice CRM helps users work smarter, allowing the ability to manage leads and customer contact.

What’s available soon?

We understand that you might be curious about what you can expect from us this year. Besides providing a reliable CRM, we keep developing new features and improve stuff for you. Of course, we inform you once things have changed but here’s already a sneak preview of upcoming new things.

  • A brand new Home dashboard that shows your recent contacts, tasks and more smart widget information.
  • Manage all your tasks in a new Task list. You will have a more clearly overview of your upcoming, overdue and finished tasks.
  • An improved MailChimp module that synchronizes list subscribers in MailChimp with your business contacts in SpinOffice, including their list status and possible bounces.
  • Mobile App interface improvements we’re aware that the mobile app of SpinOffice CRM is lagging behind in terms of user usability and appearance. We are working hard to improve this.
  • Security improvements: security of information and privacy are our most important assets. It’s in our greatest interest that you have confidence in how we handle your personal information and all data in your database.

All this to serve you better and to allow you to grow your business!

We’re always looking for new opportunities on the market. Please contact us for integration opportunities, API suggestions or other tailor made IT solutions.

If you no longer have an account or the application is no longer installed on your (mobile) device, no problem! Download the software on your Mac, Windows PC or mobile device and get started again!