French language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!

French language has been launched in SpinOffice CRM!

We have reached another milestone in the history of SpinOffice, we have just launched the first foreign language in addition to English and Dutch. This is great news for our French customers and satisfied free user!

To enable French langauge in your account, go to menu item Administration > CRM preferences and adjust Display language into French!

Soon many other languages will follow, because we launch a translation module at the beginning of November in which we make use of the language skills of our users. Many of them have made ​​themselves available as a language ambassador, they are willing to help us translating the application in their own language. This is done via a simple yet clever translation module in SpinOffice. When at least three users have tranlated all items, a new language can be launched!

At this moment we have Ambassador in starting blocks ready to start from all over the world; Australia, India, France, Russia, India, Germany, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and The United States.

Interested in helping us translating SpinOffice into your own language? Become a Global Ambassador and help us translating the application and benefit of the advantages of being an Ambassador.